"Not all those who wander are lost." – J.R.R. Tolkien

Ride Report: Snow Biking Mammoth Lakes / Long Valley Caldera

Alan's Mountain Biking Adventures

A fat bike is the perfect way to explore the Long Valley Caldera on the east side of Highway 395.  There are tons of un-groomed Forest Service trails and roads with endless possibilities.  Snowmobiles tend to roost all over the place back there, making most everything rideable at the right time of year.  For me, that happened to be mid-February.  It hadn’t snowed in a couple weeks, so the snow was pretty packed and condensed already, so even where there wasn’t a snowmobile track, I was able to ride most everything.  I used a Forest Service Winter Recreation Map to figure out which trails were un-groomed and thus legal to fat bikes, and then headed out.  I wound up making a loop that consisted of part of “Big Smokey Bear Loop” ( a summer bike trail) and then a bunch of smaller USFS OHV trails that eventually led to Owens…

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