"Not all those who wander are lost." – J.R.R. Tolkien

Lower Rock Creek Trail Day – SUCCESS

This year, National Public Lands Day fell on Sept. 28th.  We had the opportunity to collaborate with USFS, BLM, Friends of the Inyo, and IMBA to do some much needed trail work on the bottom section of Lower Rock Creek Mountain Bike Trail.  Lots of awesome people showed up, chomped on bagels, donned work gloves, grabbed McLeod’s and loppers, and got working.  In addition to a ton of brush clearing work, tread was improved in a few areas (the non-technical parts), and rotting bridges were repaired.  The trail was so overgrown in parts that you could not see the line at all, and a couple low-hanging branches were poised to bang your noggin (unless you’ve got wicked bike limbo skills).  All in all, the trail is gonna be riding much better now…

Anyhoo, after all the sweat and toil, sandwiches were devoured and washed down with a keg of Paranoids Pale Ale that Mammoth Brewing Company was so generous to donate.

Thank you to everybody that put this event on, and all the volunteers that spent their Saturday with us.  You Rock!! Can’t wait for the next one…



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