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Fatpacking the Uptown Trail – Singletrack Snow Riding in Mammoth

Alan's Mountain Biking Adventures

Riding Uptown on snow.  There's a first time for everything. Riding Uptown on snow. There’s a first time for everything.

Have you ever ridden singletrack snow?  It’s pretty frickin fun.  As mountain bikers, we love the sight of endless ribbons of brown, tacky dirt singletrack (or sometimes white dirt, if you’re riding White Mesa).  But guess what?  A packed trail of snow, albeit different, can be equally sublime to ride – and just as visually stunning.  On either side of you is deep, fluffy snow, and you squiggle your bike through it all.  The best of all, is if you fall (actually WHEN you fall – it’s inevitable) – you poof into freshies.  What an adventure!  It truly brings the vibe of mountain biking to fat biking.

Yes.  It is as fun as it looks. Yes. It is as fun as it looks.

A few of us learned these joys first hand at the Fat Bike Summit last month.  We embarked on a group ride up at…

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Fat Bike Mammoth Meeting Notes: 2.12.14

2.12.14 -Lakanuki, 5:30pm — Here’s what we discussed:
  • Created our Mission Statement: Fat Bike Mammoth is committed to providing responsible and enjoyable mountain biking experiences for riders of all skill levels.  We advocate for the creation, development, and maintenance of year-round riding opportunities in the Eastern Sierra.
    • We hope to condense our Mission Statement down to one sentence soon
  • Current situation with Winter Fat Biking:  Manual grooming efforts with snowshoes and polks/sleds (our successful efforts to create a singletrack snow route on Uptown Trail to the earthquake fault, and expanding soon to an Uptown/Downtown loop).
  • Opportunities to create groomed singletrack trail systems on private land with snowmobiles and grooming drags. (potential to discuss with Snowcreek Golf Course)
  • Possible opportunity to piggy back a Fat Bike event with the winter Biathlon next year – need to meet with Dr. Karch and MMSA.
  • Disabled Access:  Wheelchairs and adaptive fat bikes ARE allowed on groomed trails
  • Partnering with MLTPA for their 2014 Summer of Stewardship Series – brainstorming mountain bike specific trail work days (Mammoth Rock Trail, Starkweather, etc)
  • Starting to create a calendar of group rides and events for the upcoming mountain biking season.  Brainstorming bi-monthly or weekly group rides for all skill levels, and assigning ride leaders.  It’s gonna be fun, lots of great events coming up this year!!  Everything from short 1 hour rides to epic all day events, overnight camping and bikepacking, and gravity/ shuttle rides.. stay tuned.  We’re hoping for a couple events/group rides a month through summer and fall.
  • Adding the element of BBQ’ing, tailgate parties, etc to our rides/events
  • Website:  we’re continuing to add to our trail inventory, updating our resources page, and will soon be updating our event calendar.
  • Spreading the word: importance of letting friends and fellow riders know that there is a mountain biking club/ advocacy group in town – need to get the word out, and become a respected entity with local land managers.
  • We will start having meetings once a month, regardless of season – so as not to lose momentum.  Our next meeting will focus on flushing out group rides/events, making specific dates and a functional 2014 event calendar, assigning ride leaders, etc.  We will also have a focused discussion on creating a board of directors, spreading out the duties, getting more people to take an active role in the club, etc.

Road Trip – Global Fat Bike Summit 2014: Ogden, UT

Alan's Mountain Biking Adventures

A few of us Fat Bike Mammoth yahoos thought it would be great to road trip to Ogden, UT and get our fingers on the national fat bike pulse.  The 3-day Global Fat Bike Summit was broken down like this:

  • Day 1 – Educational Seminars
  • Day 2 – Fat Bike Race at Ogden Golf Course
  • Day 3- Industry Fun Ride at Snow Basin

Day 1

Over  110 people showed up for the seminars and quick bike demo in the parking lot.  In addition to Hunter, Jodi, and I, there were land managers from the USFS, BLM, and National Park Service, operators of nordic ski resorts, snowmobile clubs, 37 bike retailers, big wigs from SRAM, Shimano, TRP, QBP, and other fatty lovers.  photo(11)

It was super invigorating to hear the “state of the union” from other, more “fat friendly” areas, although it was also depressing because it furthered the realization of how…

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