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Caldera 250/500 – Usher is IN!

The Caldera 250/500 start list is blowing up.  I’ve you’re registered, check your email – we just sent out the GPX tracks and cue sheets.  If you didn’t get it, shoot us en email.

20+ people have already indicated their desire to seek the pain cave in the endorphin forest.  And we’ve hit the mainstream!  Who woulda thunk that bikepacking would cross over to hip hop icons and teeny bopper heart throbs.  Usher just hit me up and said he’s gonna crush the 250 and is training hard right now.  He said he’s even gonna work some lyrics into his next single… “What up Habeggar, zig zaggin Coyote Traverse, lungs implodin, best bring a nurse, better yet a hearse don’t need no baggage I’m packin, not heat, just 4 liters, try to step i dare ya, i’ll make you my biatch Caldera…”

Also, Taylor Lautner said he’s gonna do the full 500 to get in shape before the filming of Twilight 7 in October.

60k of climbing ain't ish

60k of climbing ain’t ish

So yeah..  if you haven’t registered, get on the list.  Only registered folks will receive gpx, cues, and official updates.  Here’s some more general route info and other stuff:

  • Stats and Scoop – The 250 is identical to the 500 until it splits apart towards the end of the Glass Mtn Traverse and makes its way back to Mammoth.  Topofusion is telling us these stats:
    • 500 = 480 miles, 65k climbing
    • 250 = 256, 31k climbing
  • Bears – always a potential concern in the Sierra, so bring some paracord to hang food if you’re camping in a potential bear zone – or at least sleep away from your food.  Otherwise, nippy dogs or grumpy bulls are probably a bigger threat.
  • Toughest sections – Probably Coyote climb, Volcanic Tablelands to Bodie, and the Sweetwaters/Mt. Patterson climb
  • Longest stretch without water/resupply – Volcanic Tablelands to end of the Glass Mtn traverse — that’s one tough section with only a water tank for sheep at the start of the Glass climb and a creek in Taylor Canyon or Adobe Creek.  Camel skills required.
  • Water filter – definitely.  Lots of natural water opportunities on most of the route, and in some places, your only option.  CARRY A FILTER.
  • Terrain – lots of climbing, lots of descending.  Mostly doubletrack, some stellar singletrack, some fireroad miles, and not so much pavement.  Volcanic dirt in spots, soft and moto’d out in spots, which leads to…
  • Bikes/tires – run whatcha brung – but fat tires are good.  2.35-2.5’s seem good – my 29+ is gobbling it up.  so yummy.  comfy hiking shoes = important.
  • As always, feel free to contact us at any time, for any reason 🙂

Caldera 250/500 Registration Opens Now

Okee dokes.  With the Caldera 250/500 exactly two months from today, we figured it’s time.

Click here to register.  We are capping the Grand Depart at 45 participants.  Honestly, we have no clue how many people will be interested in this sufferfest/magical carpet ride – but we’re covering our arses.

  • If necessary, riders will be wait-listed in the order their registration was received, and bumped up in line as people back out.  Kinda like flying stand-by.
  • Want to ride the route, but not available for the GD?  No problem, but you’ll still need to register for an Individual Time Trial – only registered folks will receive gpx tracks, cue sheets, route updates, and be considered “official finishers”.
  • If the registration form is confusing, or you have any questions at all – please don’t hesitate to Contact Us or post in the comments of this blog post.

We’re hoping to send out the gpx tracks and cue sheets for both the 250 and 500 around August 1st.  We’re doing our best to make sure the tracks and cues are accurate and 100% legal, so it’s likely there will be some updates after the initial release – but all in all, the route is done.  Let’s get excited like the Pointer Sisters!

I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.

I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.


Fun in the Summer – Calendar, Updates, ETC


Man, it’s so fun seeing all the mtb buzz in town this week for natty’s and all summer long – hope everybody is enjoying it!!  Here is some important stuff – spread the word:

1.  TODAY/TONIGHT (tuesday, 7/14) – High School MTB “Ride With a Pro” followed by pizza and Singletrack High Movie Screening.  Register at Canyon Lodge 3-4pm, ride from 4-5:30 followed by pizza and screening up at Grizzly Theatre.  FREE for all kids ages 10-18.  please spread the word to anyone you know with kids – lets get them out there on bikes and get stoked to ride!!
2.  good luck to everybody racing in Natty’s – i’ve got two words for ya: GET SOME!
3.  Sierra 7500 Redux – 27 and 50 mile course — registration is open and free, we’ve got a handful of people signed up already – this ride will get you fit!!.  Click here to join the madness on August 16th.
4.  Caldera 250/500 Update — I’ve been fielding a bunch of emails lately about gpx, cues, etc — everything is pretty much done for both routes – gonna be finalizing in the next couple of weeks.  I’ll write up a detailed blog post with much more info soon – it’s happening yo!!
5.  Mammoth Lakes Big Friggin Loop – mark your calendars now for Sept 6th.  the best 50 mile loop of Mammoth singletrack is back.  new for this year – the “Mini Friggin Loop” – still finalizing it – but if 50 is too much for ya, this will be a great route.  We’ll cut down some of the stuff in shady rest, and lose the san joaquin ridge climb, etc – goal is to make it around 25-30 keeping all the best elements… stay tuned…
calendar of upcoming local riding –
ride hard, smile harder.