"Not all those who wander are lost." – J.R.R. Tolkien

2016 Caldera 250/500 and Big Friggin Loop Announcement

Okee dokey.  GD for the Caldera 250/500 is gonna be on Saturday, September 24th, 7am.
 The “Big Friggin Loop” and “Mini Friggin Loop will be on Sunday, Sept 4th if you wanna mark your calendar for that too – same course, but we’re putting an aid station up at minaret vista)
caldera registration will open officially in june
the 500 course is basically the same
the 250 course will be the northern half this year, and we intend to alternate north/south each year
because of that, both the 250 and 500 will start out to the north this year from mammoth, adding a little mileage to the 500… which will pass through mammoth at the 1/2 way point before heading south for the lower 250…
this is just the preliminary email… more info to come as we get closer… but mark your calendars now… and get your time off work now… hoot!!
from here on out, i’ll only be sending caldera updates to the official “caldera” email list only, so as not to bombard everybody – if you’re on that list, you’ll have just received a duplicate email… if you’re not, and want to get on it,let us know

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