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Fun in the Summer – Calendar, Updates, ETC


Man, it’s so fun seeing all the mtb buzz in town this week for natty’s and all summer long – hope everybody is enjoying it!!  Here is some important stuff – spread the word:

1.  TODAY/TONIGHT (tuesday, 7/14) – High School MTB “Ride With a Pro” followed by pizza and Singletrack High Movie Screening.  Register at Canyon Lodge 3-4pm, ride from 4-5:30 followed by pizza and screening up at Grizzly Theatre.  FREE for all kids ages 10-18.  please spread the word to anyone you know with kids – lets get them out there on bikes and get stoked to ride!!
2.  good luck to everybody racing in Natty’s – i’ve got two words for ya: GET SOME!
3.  Sierra 7500 Redux – 27 and 50 mile course — registration is open and free, we’ve got a handful of people signed up already – this ride will get you fit!!.  Click here to join the madness on August 16th.
4.  Caldera 250/500 Update — I’ve been fielding a bunch of emails lately about gpx, cues, etc — everything is pretty much done for both routes – gonna be finalizing in the next couple of weeks.  I’ll write up a detailed blog post with much more info soon – it’s happening yo!!
5.  Mammoth Lakes Big Friggin Loop – mark your calendars now for Sept 6th.  the best 50 mile loop of Mammoth singletrack is back.  new for this year – the “Mini Friggin Loop” – still finalizing it – but if 50 is too much for ya, this will be a great route.  We’ll cut down some of the stuff in shady rest, and lose the san joaquin ridge climb, etc – goal is to make it around 25-30 keeping all the best elements… stay tuned…
calendar of upcoming local riding –
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Fat Bikes and Enduro Racing Do Mix

Alan's Mountain Biking Adventures

I’ve never raced an Enduro.  I figured there’s a reason why they’ve become so popular.  Timed segments that test your downhill descending skills (of which mine are mediocre) mixed with some un-timed climbing segments (of which I’m decent at).  The Kamikaze Bike Games were in town, and racing was in the air.  I rode the Fall Century on Saturday with a Wounded Warrior for Disabled Sports, so I wasn’t able to race the XC Mountain Bike Race (unfortunately, the schedules conflicted).

The Enduro was on Sunday, and I was jonsin’ to get dirty – so what the heck?  I decided to do the Enduro on the fatty bike.

I inflated the tires to a whopping 12psi (I pinch flatted a couple weeks ago riding hard on Richter at 5psi – so I wanted to play it safe).  I kept my 32:21 gearing, which in hindsight was a mistake because…

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