"Not all those who wander are lost." – J.R.R. Tolkien

Caldera 150/250/500 – Rules

Please keep these three guiding principles in mind at all times:  

  1. Self – Support.
  2. Equal Opportunity.
  3. Be an Ambassador.

In a nutshell:

  • Finish the entire route under only your own power.
  • Have integrity.  It’s on the honor system.  Cheaters never win.  Winners never cheat.
  • No pre-arranged, outside support or assistance of any kind.
  • No caching of any kind.
  • All services used must be commercial and equally available to all riders.
  • “Trail Magic” from strangers is allowed.  No soliciting.
  • Support from other Caldera riders is NOT allowed.
  • You can ride with others.  No pelotons.  No drafting.
  • No entry fees.  No prizes.  Just memories.
  • Follow rules of the trail and the road.  You are 100% responsible for your own safety.
  • Don’t break the law.
  • Do your best to make every encounter a positive one.
  • Leave no trace.  Don’t expect to pick it up later.  Take it now.
  • Any rider can ITT (individual time trial) at any time.

Gear and Equipment

  • Run whatcha brung.
  • Nothing prohibited.  Nothing mandatory, except:
    • SPOT Trackers are mandatory anyone wishing to be an official finisher (and highly recommended for all riders due to the remote nature of the course).
  • GPS units are highly recommended.
  • Cell phones are allowed (but don’t count on reception).
  • Absolutely no sharing of gear or equipment between participants.


  • Can you give more details on “Trail Magic”?
    • Sure.  Don’t abuse it or expect it.  It is magic.  It’s when someone you’ve never met before, without planning, unexpectedly opens their heart without any solicitation and offers you a soda, a beer, half of their burrito, trail knowledge, kind words, a hug, etc.  If you’ve met, texted, talked, facebooked, or ever had any interaction with this person before- planned or un-planned, it is not considered magic, and therefore not allowed.  Use of social media, or any other “broadcasting” to elicit trail magic is obviously prohibited as well.
  • Can I crash at a motel?
    • Yes.  As long as it’s not pre-arranged before the event clock begins and it’s commercially available to everyone.
  • If I have a mechanical or bike problem, can I get help from another rider?
    • Yes, if it’s someone you’ve never met before, who is not participating in this event.  As long as you’re not soliciting or begging, we consider that “Trail Magic”.
    • No, if it’s another Caldera 150/250/500 participant.  That violates our “no sharing of gear” rule.  Come prepared and be self-sufficient.
  • What if I need to leave the route, or I accidentally stray off course?
    • It’s OK to leave the route.  If you wish to be considered an official finisher, remember:
      • You must return, and continue the course from the exact location you left from.
      • If you get lost and miss a section of the course, you must return to the exact location where the miscue happened, and continue from there.
  • What if I get injured or can’t complete the route?
    • You are ON YOUR OWN, 100%.  You’ll be traveling through remote areas at high altitude.  Your survival and well-being is completely up to you.  There is nobody else responsible for you, other than you.  See the pattern here?  There will be areas void of cell phone reception and zones where self evacuation is the only option.  Think about, and be prepared for every consequence before you set out on this course.  It’s on you.
  •  Are mail drops allowed?
    • Pre-arranged mail drops that are shipped before event start are not allowed.  We consider that a form of caching.  Once the clock starts, you can have items mailed to you, as long as it’s directly to a Post Office.  For example, if you need a specific bike part to continue on the route, you can have it shipped to a PO, but only once the clock has started – not before.
  • More questions?  This is still evolving.  We know questions will arise.  We don’t have all the answers.  We might change our minds or realize we made a mistake.  You might not agree with our rules, and that’s ok.  Please respect them.  The playing field is even.  Ride your bike and have fun and make memories and punish your body and test your grit and get giddy.  We’re looking forward to meeting and riding bikes with you!



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  2. Charlie Wolf

    ” No pelotons. No drafting.” Ha..ha.. very funny. As if.

    September 26, 2015 at 8:58 am

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