"Not all those who wander are lost." – J.R.R. Tolkien

Articles / Videos

Read through these articles and watch the videos to gain a sense of what fat biking is all about.



  • Ride Groomed: A sweet video that 45NRTH put together and filmed at Grand Targhee on the new Jolly Green Giant Trails (fat bike specific groomed singletrack).
  • Cold Rolled : A great video highlighting purpose-built fat bike singletrack / snow grooming on the NTN trails in Marquette, MI.
  • Fat Bike Freeriding on Snow : Great video showing the progression of snowmobile-accessed backcountry fat bike freeriding.
  • Fat Biking in Mammoth Lakes, CA : A short video highlighting some winter fat biking

  • Fat Bike Awareness Video :  Very well crafted video.  Must watch.  Helps to understand fat biking, and advocacy for fat bikes in the Bridger Teton Range with the support of the US Forest Service

  • Downhill / Fat Bike Race Video: Aleyska Resort in Alaska offered up a lift-accessed DH snow race in April, 2014.

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