"Not all those who wander are lost." – J.R.R. Tolkien

Rider Responsibility

Be Responsible and Self-Sufficient if you plan to participate in any of our grassroots rides

  • All riders must be friendly and must always display a good attitude before, during, and after the ride. Please, no whining, no complaining, and any other B.S. 🙂
  • All riders are entirely responsible for themselves at all times during the ride.  People will be expected to follow the entire route on their own, without assistance from others. Self sufficiency is a must. There will NOT be any rally points, and navigation through the route is entirely up to the invidividual! Bring your own maps and do not expect others to wait for you.
  • Caches and other food/water resupplies are up to the individual if felt necessary to help them complete the route. Generally, however all of these routes have water sources available – though filtration devices may be needed. Food resupplies are scarce on all routes – so riders must plan to carry all of the nutritional supplies. Self-sufficiency is a must on these rides– this cannot be stated enough.
  • All riders should bring along money, a GPS, water filtration unit, cell phone, etc. You never know if/when you will need these items.
  • All riders must carry proper identification and personal emergency contact phone number at all times while cycling. We recommend the fine products from http://www.RoadID.com.
  • All riders must wear a properly fitted and fastened helmet at all times while cycling. No exceptions!!!
  • All riders are responsible for knowing and obeying all laws.
  • All riders must follow the basic rules for safe cycling: When on the road – Ride to the right, single file. Stop at all stop signs and red signals. Protect and warn one another about road hazards and traffic. Don’t overlap wheels. Practice safe paceline and group riding etiquette. When on trails, follow IMBA’s Trail Rules.
  • All riders must carry and use legal bicycle lights when cycling at hours of darkness.  Even if you don’t intend to ride in the dark, shit happens.  Carry a light in your bag to be safe.
  • Drafting is allowed only if the riders agree to it. Do NOT draft anyone’s wheel who you have not asked permission from. This is not only rude, but also unsafe.
  • Since these rides are grassroots, the participants are asked to keep track of their own time via a watch and cycle computer to verify mileage. Generally there will be sign-out sheet with a watch attached so everyone is on the same clock.  No prizes will be given for order of finsh. Times are recorded for bragging rights only.  Honesty is a must.

If you understand these rules and can handle yourself in the back country, then our rides will not be a problem for you. If you question your ability to complete such a ride, we suggest you pre-ride the course and use that as your determination (that only YOU can make) for participating.

One response

  1. Hunter

    Nice guidelines thank you.

    August 20, 2014 at 5:53 pm

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