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Road Trip – Global Fat Bike Summit 2015: Jackson, WY

Alan's Mountain Biking Adventures

For the 2nd year in a row, I jammed out to the Fat Bike Summit with a crew from Mammoth.  Last year, it was in Ogden, UT – read about it here.  This year, it was at Snow King Resort in Jackson, WY.  For those that don’t know, Snow King is the O.G. ski resort right in the heart of Jackson that opened in 1930.  Gets overshadowed by Jackson Hole Resort 12 miles up the road – think of it like June Mountain compared to Mammoth Mountain, except you can night ski for $25!

Rolling from the Antler Inn to Snow King - let the Summit begin! Rolling from the Antler Inn to Snow King – let the Summit begin!

Anyhoo, jumped in the turbo diesel Jetta Wagon with Jen and Dan at 5:30am.  Bikes and skis and fritos and tangerines packed.  Wyoming bound.  After driving about 4 hours each, and Dan only stalling 3 times, we hit the town square.  Checked in…

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Road Trip – Global Fat Bike Summit 2014: Ogden, UT

Alan's Mountain Biking Adventures

A few of us Fat Bike Mammoth yahoos thought it would be great to road trip to Ogden, UT and get our fingers on the national fat bike pulse.  The 3-day Global Fat Bike Summit was broken down like this:

  • Day 1 – Educational Seminars
  • Day 2 – Fat Bike Race at Ogden Golf Course
  • Day 3- Industry Fun Ride at Snow Basin

Day 1

Over  110 people showed up for the seminars and quick bike demo in the parking lot.  In addition to Hunter, Jodi, and I, there were land managers from the USFS, BLM, and National Park Service, operators of nordic ski resorts, snowmobile clubs, 37 bike retailers, big wigs from SRAM, Shimano, TRP, QBP, and other fatty lovers.  photo(11)

It was super invigorating to hear the “state of the union” from other, more “fat friendly” areas, although it was also depressing because it furthered the realization of how…

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