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Rarely Ridden Gem of the Eastern Sierra – Glass Mountain Traverse

Alan's Mountain Biking Adventures

I was chatting with my friend Jen a while back.   We were going back and forth brainstorming great fall rides that encompass the majesty of our home area.  The whole process of planning out future epic rides is one of my favorite parts of exploratory adventure riding.  I do love day dreaming about epic rides… Oh, yeah… forgot what I was writing about for a minute… (as the white fluffy is falling out my window right now)…

Out of nowhere, Jen asked, “You ever done the Glass Mountain Traverse?” After a moment to ponder, I stuttered “Um, no.  Don’t think I have.  I’ve ridden up and down Glass Mountain Ridge, but never heard of the traverse.”

That was all it took.  Jen dangled a few more pieces of power bait in front of me.  She’d done this ride a handful of times and was eager to share it.  I…

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