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Ride Report: Obsidian Dome Loop near June Lake, CA

This ride can be a sandy mess. There are a couple of sections that actually look more like sand dunes than a bike trail.  With that caveat, it’s still worthwhile… even without a fat bike.  Of course,  it’s most enjoyable on a fat bike 🙂  There is no singletrack – it’s pretty much all jeep roads and wide graded dirt roads.  Ok, so what’s the upside?   You do get some nice views and a chance to get up close and personal with Obsidian Dome as you ride all the way around it.  Black, volcanic glass is abound on the 300′ high, mile-wide “dome”.  It’s worth laying your bike down and hiking to the top of the dome.  I wouldn’t necessarily travel to this are just for this ride.  There are many other trails within a 5-10 10 minute drive.  For example:  Yost Meadows Trail, Hartley Springs Loop, and Bald Mountain Ride are all close by.   If you are making the journey out to the area, you might wanna give one or more of those a try as well.

  • Ride Type:  Loop
  • Difficulty:  Easy technically, with a couple tough climbs in sandy terrain (dependant on OHV use)
  • Time of Year:  Summer and Fall (possibly late spring depending on snowfall)
  • Terrain/Conditions: Mostly doubletrack/ jeep roads with some very sandy sections
  • Access: From Mammoth, go north on Highway 395 for 11 miles.  Turn left on Obsidian Dome Rd (across from Bald Mountain Rd).  Park in the dirt area near the kiosk.
  • Length: 7.2 miles
  • Approx. Time: 1-2 hours
  • Lowest Elevation: 7,856′
  • Highest Elevation: 8,352′
  • Total Elevation Gain: 776′
  • Bike Recommendation: Fat Bike is best and makes the sandy terrain fun, but any mountain bike will do.
  • GPX File: Available by contacting us

Turn By Turn (in miles):

0.0 – Ride start.  Go straight, heading west on 2s10 (Obsidian Dome Rd.)
0.7 – Head left on 2s107.  Enjoy a short, fun descent before it flattens out and gets sandy.  Fat bikes eat it up, mountain bikes suffer.
Sandy crap fat bike style
2.0 – Reach a USFS kiosk with a map.  Go straight on 2s11 and start climbing.
2.5 – Veer right at the intersection.  You’ll start to get some nice views here as you ride towards Obsidian Dome.
4.2 – Hardest sandy climb of the ride
4.7 – Turns into 2s79.  Climb for a bit, then pass the Obsidian Dome Parking Area and the road widens and becomes well graded.  Descend back to your car.
7.2 – End of ride.

Obsidian Dome Loop - Map

Obsidian Dome Loop – Map

Obsidian Dome Loop - Elevation Profile

Obsidian Dome Loop – Elevation Profile

This is a wide open, gorgeous area.  Even though it's pretty flat, it feels like you're climbing because it's so soft and sandy.

This is a wide open, gorgeous area. Even though it’s pretty flat, it feels like you’re climbing because it’s so soft and sandy.

A great section of the ride where you're right next to the Obsidian Dome

A great section of the ride where you’re right next to the Obsidian Dome